Practice Areas

Claims against stockbrokers and brokerage firms by individual investors

Breese Law Office PLLC specializes in cases that involve wrongdoing (fraud, negligence, incompetence or rules violations) by stockbrokers and brokerage firms.  The wrongdoing may take many forms:  failure to supervise, churning, unsuitability, unauthorized trading, theft, excessive trading, conflict of interest, self dealing, failure to know your customer or any of dozens of other misdeeds that are committed by brokers and brokerage firms every day.  Filing and prosecuting a claim against a brokerage firm is governed by complicated rules and arcane legal theories.  Since 2009, we have recovered more than $4 million in damages for our clients.  If you believe you have a claim, let us examine your case at no charge and discuss the best options for you.

Representation of stockbrokers in disputes with their employer

We have represented many stockbrokers in disputes of various kinds with their firms or former firms.  The majority of those cases involve brokers who leave their firm after which the firm attempts to collect repayment of a promissory note (forgivable loan) or of costs of training the broker.  We have litigated a number of cases all the way through litigation and settled the others.  We have saved our clients hundreds of thousands of dollars the brokerage firms have attempted to collect from them.


Our business background combined with our legal training give us particular expertise and insight in helping our clients with business matters.  We help clients who are starting businesses decide upon the most appropriate form of business structure, whether that be a corporation, partnership, limited liability company or sole proprietorship.  We then handle all matters necessary with establishing the business and having it appropriately registered.  We can often provide valuable advice and suggestions to businesses because of our extensive business experience.  In addition, we handle all types of matters for existing businesses such as drafting and negotiating contracts, dealing with federal and state regulators and other agencies, collection of debts owed, obtaining court or regulatory approval of various business transactions and litigating when necessary to defend our clients or to sue to enforce their rights.

Nonprofit corporations

We help new nonprofit organizations get established by filing the necessary documents to register and by obtaining IRS approval of their nonprofit status.  In addition, we handle regular legal matters and issues that nonprofits face from time to time.

Personal injury

We handle all types of personal injury including automobile accidents, slip-and-fall injuries and negligence of all types.  We work on these cases on a contingency fee basis so that you pay nothing for our services unless we collect money to compensate you for your damages.  We do not operate a personal injury "mill" where your case is just one of hundreds being processed at any given time.  We take only solid cases and provide the personal attention and the time necessary to make sure we negotiate a fair and appropriate settlement.  If the defendant or its insurance company is unreasonable, we have no hesitancy in filing a lawsuit and prosecuting it all the way through trial

Medical malpractice

Most physicians are caring, competent and careful.  But sometimes they, like all human beings, make egregious mistakes and cause serious suffering or death to their patients.  If you have been the victim of physician negligence and have serious damages as a result, we can help.  While we cannot restore your health or physical well being, we can help you obtain monetary compensation by filing a claim, and if necessary, a lawsuit against the physician, his or her practice and, if appropriate, the hospital.  Our most recent med mal case resulted in a jury verdict awarding more than $2 million to our client, a victim of physician malpractice.