Firm Overview

Breese Law Office PLLC was founded in 2004 by Frank “Kim” Breese after his retirement from the business world. Our primary focus is securities litigation and business law.  We are dedicated to (1) investors who have lost assets due to fraud, negligence or violation of standards by stockbrokers and brokerage firms; (2) stockbrokers with employment disputes with their firms or who have been accused of violating industry rules; (3) individuals and companies with legal needs relating to their businesses, whether they want to set up a new business or deal with legal issues that arise in an ongoing business.

We represent our clients with integrity and professionalism.  At the same time, we take a pragmatic approach to all matters with the view that it is often in the best interest of our clients to resolve matters short of litigation.  But if litigation is necessary, we are prepared to fight for our clients zealously.

In recent years we have represented numerous clients who were cheated by stockbrokers and brokerage firms.  Of the 30 individuals whom we have represented all the way through the arbitration process, we have received awards for 27 of them totaling more than $4 million.

We are currently representing another 30 individual investors whose cases are at various stages of litigation.

We have represented or are currently representing 24 stockbrokers in claims made against them by their firms or former firms.  We have saved these brokers hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims and have achieved expungement of black marks from their public records in several cases.

In addition we served as counsel on a medical malpractice case with a judgment for the plaintiffs of more than $2 million.

We represented a private school sued by a dissident stockholder and obtained a complete victory in the Mississippi Supreme Court.

We represent a number of businesses on a range of legal issues whether transactional or involving litigation.

Breese Law Office is located in Ridgeland, a suburb or Mississippi's capital city.  Our clients come from a number of states, but the majority are from Mississippi and Louisiana.

We invite you to contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your legal concerns.